Park Studios JQ started as my bedroom studio 12 years ago. It slowly built up to the studio it is today, gathering people and momentum over three premises and a lot of effort.


My favorite records were made between the late 60’s and the early 90’s. Back then you had to spend real time in a studio, records were made differently and people didn’t rely on software. Many things have changed but my ethos is still one that relies on time spent, real performances and a studio that is built to deliver just that.


For this reason, when we started, we knew we wanted a proper large format mixing console and we wanted the ability to record to 2” tape without the need for a computer to be even turned on. We needed a large musical space to bring songs to life. We wanted hand build analogue outboard equipment and we needed brilliant well-maintained instruments and amplifiers to record them through. This is what we have achieved at Park Studios JQ.


The studio was not built to be a commercial entity initially. It was built to service our own needs. Everyone who built it and works there is a musician and a creator of music in their own right. This gives the studio a very different vibe from more commercial run establishments and is the perfect place to meet like-minded musicians and local players.


It’s taken us a while, but I hope that when you listen to the albums we’ve worked on you can hear the lack of a sample library or drum sample. They are real recordings that have been given the time and attention they deserve. None of this is to say that we haven’t got the best of both worlds and we do also use our computers, but old school recording is what inspires me.





Park Studios JQ music recording studio vintage analogue 24 track tape machine lesley organ hammond juno roland moog session players violin keyboard piano bass





One of the best parts of having a studio is being able to introduce musicians to songwriters and often knowing which player will bring a song to life. It’s not expensive (if needed, it should be part of your initial quote) and brings a fresh perspective to music that has sometimes only ever been imagined by one person.


The right player really does make the difference and we’re lucky enough to have plenty. These are just some of the people we work with:


Peter Brown (piano, guitar & bass), Dave Clarke (bass), Dan Guest (drums), Lynden Edwards (guitar & bass), Tom Longworth (guitar), Suzie Purkis (mezzo soprano singer), Lesley-Marie Turner (violin), Tara Chinn (singer), Toby Wilson (drums)...



Park Studios JQ music recording studio session players violin keyboard piano bass





As for the non-musical part of the studio, we have a fully functioning kitchenette with fridge-freezer, kettle, microwave, mini-oven, a hob, water filter and coffee machine to make you last the whole day.



Park Studios | Music Recording Studio in Birmingham UK Jewellery Quarter Analogue | Brian Travers from UB40 practising sax in the studio kitchen





Finally, a little note for students and the like. Unfortunately, the current climate within the recording industry means that, while the studio is busy, we are unable to offer any work experience. With this in mind, please don’t email asking for vacancies as I won’t respond.

If you are willing to work long hours for free (until you are trained up) and at little notice, have a working knowledge of logic & Pro-tools, have a good understanding of the analogue signal chain, make good tea, know when to empty a bin and can leave your opinions at the door, then feel free to drop us an email!

This might sound harsh, but it’s how I, and most good engineers, started out.


For any other enquiries, please email







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