Soundcraft Reims 32 Channel
TL Audio M3 8 Channel Valve console


2 x SSL Alphalink AD/DA Converters
Soundcraft 760 mk3 2" 24 track Analogue Tape Machine
Leever Reech Pro Line 2000 1/4inch 2 track Tape Machine
Otari Mx2020 8 track 1/2 Tape Machine
2 x Apple Mac Pro


Focuswrite ISA 828 ( 8Pre's)
Morbin Audio Red 73
Modified Console API Pre's


Custom Morbin Audio Stereo LA2
Morbin Audio 1176 LN
Empirical Labs Distressor
Morbin Audio 76A (Bluey 1176)
Morbin Audio Mix Buss Compressor (SSL Buss comp)
DBX 900 Rack Including:
5 x DBX903 compressor
1 x 904 Gate
1 x 905 EQ


Roland RE201 Space Echo
Roland DC50 Digital Echo
Great British Spring Reverb
Assorted Guitar Pedals


Focal Twin 6 B
Adam P11A
Focal CMS-65
Yamaha NS10
Spendor BC1


Morbin Audio M67 (U67)
Morbin Audio M87 x2 (U87)
Rhode Classic Valve
Rhode NT2 A
Yamaha NS10 Subkick
AKG EB 414
AKG 451 E
AKG D112
Audio Technica ATM-25
Audio Technica ATM-63he
Sennheiser 441
Sennheiser e609
Sennheiser MD403
Shure SM7b
Shure SM58 x 4
Shure Beta 52a
Shure Beta 57 x 3
Shure SM57 x 4
T Bone Rm700 Ribbon (Matched Pair)


1963 Ludwig
26" 18" 16" 14"

19" 14" 12"

Assorted Percussion (lots of!)

Bass amps

Ampeg SVT Classic 1988
Marshall VCA 400 Valve Bass Amp
Peavy Nitro bass
Orange Crush 25w Combo

Guitar amps

Marshall 1968 Plexi Super Bass 100w
Fender Bassman 1973
Marshall 4x 10 1965
Marshall JMP Superlead 100w 1976
1961 vintage US Silvertone 2.5w
Trainwreck Rocket 18w
Vox AC30 C2 30w
Vox AC10 10w
Epiphone Valve Junior 5W (modified)


2001 Gibson SG Standard
Simon & Patrick Spruce Acoustic
Tanglewood 12 String
Hohner 12 String Electric
1983 Japanese Squire Stratocaster
Fender Squire 2000 With Humbucker
Gibson Thunderbird Bass Guitar
Fender Precision Bass Guitar
Fender Telecaster Jap 1985
1981 Japanese Squire Precision Bass
Echo AC Bass


1972 L100 Hammond Organ with Lesley
1965 Welmar upright Piano
Moog Sub 37
Streichfett String Synth
Streichfett Rockett Synth
Jen 73 Piano
Flanger Piano
Korg Micrologue
Casio Cz101 Synth
Yamaha DD10 Drum Machine
Yamaha PSS-140 (80s synth)
Keystation Pro 88 fully weighted Controller


Logic X 10.2.4
Waves Gold Bundle
Waves NLS
Waves CLA 76
Waves Pluigchild 670
Valhalla Reverb
Lexicon 480L and Brascati M7 Convolutions




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