Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance

Any and all personal data captured by Park Studios JQ will be in line with the GDPR and UK data protection regulations.

Our website can be used without providing any personal data and we do not have a mailing list.

Park Studios JQ is the controller of the data that passes through this website or via email. This data is kept private between ourselves and a few other carefully selected data processors.

The personal data we retain from clients who contact us are names, phone numbers, email addresses and social media links.

We never capture any bank details, including credit or debit card numbers.

We do use some programmes that might require client data. These include WeTransfer and Dropbox (to send files through to clients), Google Suite (including emails and calendar) and Google Analytics (to monitor the functionality of the website - information kept for 14 months).

Our clients' security is very important to us. We take all reasonable steps to ensure that data is held and processed securely.





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