This is what we do

image of recording studio Park Studios JQ


When recording at Park Studios JQ you will have one of our experienced producers to record and produce your project. We have two acoustically brilliant live rooms at our disposal where we can capture a wide variety of sounds such as large drums, crunchy guitars, mellow strings, beautiful vocals etc. Our large format console allows for multi-tracking as well for large live band recordings. Not only do we have a vast array of microphones in our arsenal, but we also have high quality instruments for you to get the perfect sound you are looking for. Get in touch with your project details and lets book you in!


Sometimes what you recorded needs a little bit more. Sometimes what you thought would happen didn’t materialise and sometimes you want a certain person to mix a project. You might want to dry hire a great space to mix. We’re used to all of these, so please get in touch as this last process is vital. We all understand it ourselves and will offer an open ear.

Video/Live recording

We have the space to record music videos (or live videos) at the studio. Our loft-style windows can make a big impact. We have many videography contacts or you can bring your own.


Our in-house photographer Garazi has over 15 years experience and can document your recording session as seen on our Instagram or photograph the band or even a concept for album art. You can see more of her work at or our blog.


When dry-hiring the studio you can take full creative control (alongside one of our in house engineers) over 2 live rooms, a vocal booth and a fully equipped control room with a large format analogue console that is supported with a classic range of microphones, outboard gear and instruments.

The studio is unique in being able to move between analogue and digital formats. You can record to tape effortlessly and then move to digital. We have a fully working 24 channel analogue and digital studio with many software licenses.


We record voiceovers, from audio books (like Carl Chinn's Peaky Blinders - The Real Story) to adverts, announcements, podcasts, etc. Just get in touch with your requirements and we can book you in.

Transfer and Archive

At Park Studios JQ we have the ability to take your analogue tapes and create a pristine transfer for digital archiving. We have several different tape machines, so please get in touch with all the details.