A little info on who we are and what we do

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This is us

Park has been a mainstay of the Birmingham scene for well over a decade.

In that time we have helped bands and artists from all backgrounds and levels of experience.

We have been there to record the first singles for bands such as Feet while at the same time playing host the first reunion in many years to the brothers in the the Jesus and Mary Chain (when one of them fell through a chair I thought we were done!).

What we do

Park is a non-pretentious environment for musicians. You can feel at home and trust that the quality of capture is in very good hands and given the same respect regardless of experience.

Park’s ethos is simple. Analogue mindset - modern outlook. Unique output!

Originally founded in an attic and then moved to premises to facilitate a personal record, Park has evolved in to a community of players and producers that have grown and evolved through collaboration, trust, love and understanding of what we all bring.

The process that inspires us is one of passion, expertise, and the empathy to serve the song.

We want to help you with your project!

We have all of the equipment and instruments associated with studios of old. A very well balanced and acoustically neutral control room, numerous live spaces (our main room can house over 30 people with ease). We maintain Hammonds, Leslie’s and pianos, stunning guitars, basses and microphones.

All this aside, we love making records with talented people. We enjoy being inspired by artists because everyone involved at Park is one.

If you believe in what you are doing, the door for that first tea, coffee or beer is always open.

Studios like ours don’t have the privilege of staying open to make huge profits. The passion, commitment, and desire to create the things we love are becoming less common place. While individual producers can decide their own positions, the studio requires projects that begin on day rates. Hourly bookings are available but will still require an engineer to be present.

Drop us an email and let us know what your musical needs are!