Our ohana, our little studio family

image of team at Birmingham Recording Studio Park Studios JQ

headshot of music producer Alastair


Alastair started Park Studios in the attic space of an old flat many years ago. Since then, the studio has had many iterations and a few different spaces (we're not really near a park any more!).

Al’s worked in studios for the best part of 20 years. After briefly working for Bob Lamb of UB40 fame, he set up what was then a bedroom studio while an undergraduate at The Birmingham Conservatoire. Fast forward a fair few years, countless records and a lot of experience in growing the business and Park Studios is one of the longest running studios in Brum.

Now a lecturer at BCU and undertaking a PhD, he is the owner of the music studio side of Park and has shaped what the place looks and feels like.

headshot of photographer Garazi


Garazi is the co-founder of Park Studios and runs the photography half of the space. With over 15 years experience in photography, Garazi specialises in beauty, hair, fashion and commercial studio imagery which you can find at

She boasts international clients and publications and can also be found shooting on location.

She has also, over the years, documented many of the recording sessions at the studio so you can have a look at what that can look like in our archives. She has also worked with many artists and bands on their promo and album images, both taking them and also advising on the stylistic direction they might want to take with their projects.

image of studio manager Michael

Michael - Studio Manager

Michael is an active member in the Birmingham music community, founding the much loved jam night Neighbourhd in 2016. Primarily Michael is a vocalist and artist, writing songs under the alias ‘Darcy Holmes’. However, he’s had experience and success in the producer’s seat with good knowledge of how to communicate a song as well.

Graduating LCoM in 2015, Michael majored in Vocal performance and minored in production. So as well as plenty of experiential knowledge, he’s been fortunate to learn under some world-class teachers and is well versed in both music theory and progressive vocal techniques.

He won’t be shy to give constructive feedback as to how vocalists can effectively tap into a song’s emotional essence and fully communicate that in a studio setting when the lights and crowds are absent.

headshot of studio engineer Dan

Dan H

A regular face on the West Midlands music scene for over 20 years, Dan started out as a musician playing bass guitar in various bands.

In his late teens he took an interest in the recording studio aspect of music and through tenacious study was led to open up his own recording and rehearsal complex in Birmingham.

This venture spanned 10 years and in this time led to many opportunities including Dan being asked to manage and teach at The Academy of Music and Sound. A position in which he rose to degree level lecturer through Wolverhampton University among other governing bodies.

In 2012 Dan chose to persue his interest in live music by taking up a career as a live sound engineer & also formed a popular live hiphop group called Dantanna. He continues to this day to be an in demand sound and studio engineer and an active music producer for various artists.

headshot of studio engineer Dan

Dan S

Dan joined the Park Studios family in 2015 and is an experienced musician, engineer, and producer. He’s a classically trained pianist and trumpeter, and brings his music theory knowledge to recording sessions, helping bands figure out arrangements and harmonisations to take their records to the next level. He’s played in a wide range of ensembles, including experimental jazz rock, indie pop, and even a Snarky Puppy tribute band.

Not only does Dan have a variety of musical experience, but he has an extensive collection of jazzy shirts, some of which he wears exclusively at Park Studios and have not been seen outside of the building before.

headshot of recording engineer Thomas


Tom joined Park as a placement student and has very quickly become part of the furniture and the studio family.

A competent bass player and trombonist, he brings a very Brummie sense of humour to sessions and has developed into an extremely competent tracking engineer working on numerous sessions to high regard from all artists involved.

We can't wait to see how he develops as an engineer (a little perk of running a studio and having lovely people around us!).

image of musicians in residence

Artists in residence

Here at Park Studios JQ, we have taken in several artists over the years. They use the studio to work on their songs and it also adds to our little family. Currently, we are joined by Darcy Holmes and Ali Clinton.

Ali Clinton is UK based session musician, singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist. From the age of 7 years old, Ali learnt his craft by playing along to CD’s of guitar greats such as Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan before playing his first professional gig at the age of 12 at the world renown Rory Gallagher Festival in Ballyshannon Ireland.

By age 16, Ali was touring the UK, Europe and the USA with guitar legend Uli Jon Roth achieving virtuosic artistry at an extremely young age.

Whilst still being very much in touch with his guitar based roots, Ali has branched out in to playing all the instruments on his recordings from drums to keyboards, even incorporating kitchen utensils in his 2020 reworking of The Cures “A Forest” from his EP “Versions”.

Ali’s style has evolved into an eclectic mix of different styles and influence ranging from psychedelic mystique and hair raising song writing and arranging that takes you on a journey and completely immerses you into introspection.